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 General information

About us

CHEMGAS was founded in January 1982 by Mr Jean Deflers, Sales Director of a subsidiary of l'Air Liquide. Chemgas began its business with the former USSR and has had considerable success in dealing with Eastern Markets in sales of capital equipments and special gases.

Since 1989, Chemgas has developped a new direction in distributing special gases and stables isotopes from the former Soviet Union.

Leading Russian manufacturers have joined Chemgas in order to produce and market their Gases & Isotopes. Chemgas has a representative in Moscow and close connections with most Russian manufacturers and research facilities.

In order to secure regular supplies, Chemgas has established regular supplies from western world's largest producers of noble gases and stable isotopes.

If Chemgas is the world's largest distributor of isotopic gases, we are also a major supplier of stable metal isotopes. Chemgas guarantees all products supplied. Be sure, Chemgas is a reliable partner with prestigious references. Chemgas is the best source of high quality products, offering good service and competitive prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information and quotation.

                            C H E M G A S
                            31 bis, avenue Robert Schuman
                            92100 Boulogne / France
                            fax : +33 1 4825 9240 tel : +33 1 4825 3337

                            info@helium-3.com or sales@helium-3.com

Ordering Information

Placing an order
       Please give us the following information:
                            Your company address
                            Your name
                            Your P.O. n°
                            Your Chemgas quote n°
                            Your fax n°
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                            Quantity ordered in L ( liters )
                            Total amount of your purchase order
                            Special instructions for packaging or shipping
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Pricing information
       All prices are in U.S. Dollars or in Euros. Available inventory subject to prior sale. Our written
       quotations are valid 30 days from the quote date. Local taxes (VAT, TVA, IVA, etc...) and
       import duty are not included in prices, even for European customers.

Export license
       As Helium-3 is classified as dual-use material ( military/civil ) any quantity of He-3 over 1 gram
       ( 6 liters ) is requesting an export license.
       Chemgas may deliver helium-3 without any delay and without any particular license to the
       following countries : European Community, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Norway,
       Switzerland, New Zealand, Hungary & Poland.
       An individual export license must be applied for all other countries ( it will request ~ 5 to 7

Terms of payment
       Terms are net within 30 days of invoice date. Payments should be made by cheque ( within
       France ), bank swift transfer in the currency in which prices are quoted. Past due invoices will be
       subject to a 1.5 % per month service charge. We reserve the right to request advance payment
       on initial orders with Chemgas.

General Information

Shipping information
       Shipments within European Community will be sent via express mail, airborne or truck.
       Hazardous materials will be shipped by air freight or surface vessel.

       Prior packaging the isotopic enrichment and chemical purity of all our materials are checked by
       gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometry and other
       appropriate analytical techniques.

       Our quoted volumes are NTP at 21.1°C under 1 atm.

Human use
       Our products are not tested or authorized for use on humans. Customers intending to use these
       products in applications involving humans or animals do so at their own responsability and must
       comply with any regulations which apply in the place of use.
       Limited warranty Seller warrants that the materials will meet the specifications listed in the
       Quotation. No claim of any kind against Seller with respect to the products, whether or not they
       are based on negligence or warranty, shall be greater than the purchase price of the product.